Sailing club

Sailing club

  • 3 hours of navigation.
  • Trips with an instructor from Escola Port.
  • Plan Sport, Cruise o Motor.
  • Every week.

Sailing club

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Sailing club

Una vez hayas hecho el regalo, quien lo reciba se podrá poner en contacto con la escuela para decidir cuándo disfrutar de su regalo.


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Your pack is valid for any plan, for example, with the pack of two trips you can do one with the Cruise plan and another with the SPORT plan or one trip with the MOTOR plan.
Trips every week, check the calendar and book now.

Club advantages:

STUDENTS: 2 free trips, with the purchase of the first pack.
PINDIVIDUALS: 1 free trip, with the purchase of the first pack.


SPORT navigation plan is ideal if you attract competition and race.

During the trips we develop teamwork, sail trim and sailing with all kinds of sails.
The SPORT club outings are carried out in groups of up to 7 participants aboard J/80 sailboats. The J/80s, easy to handle and perfect for a less experienced crew, require great coordination and greater physical effort from their crew. A gym at sea…

  • 3 hour trips.
  • Weekend.
  • With instructor.
  • 8 m sailboats J-80.


Sailboats J-80 of 8 m

The CRUISE navigation plan is aimed at improving navigation in all wind and sea conditions.

The CRUISE club trips are carried out in groups of up to 11 participants aboard 15-meter-long cruise ships. You will gain confidence sailing with all types of sails (main, gennaker, spinnaker) and you will be able to reinforce the skills necessary for maneuvering in port with large boats.

  • 3-hour trips.
  • Weekend.
  • With instructor.
  • Sailboats from 10 to 15 m.



The MOTOR navigation plan is aimed at improving power boats navigation.

The MOTOR club trips are carried out in groups of up to 8 participants aboard semi-rigid. You will enjoy the sea learning to perform all kinds of maneuvers in port, anchoring maneuvers, how to trim an engine, take care of the mechanics and sport fishing plans.

  • 3 hour trips.
  • Weekend.
  • With instructor.
  • Semi-rigid.
Regala cualquiera de nuestros cursos o prácticas.

Es muy fácil y sin cargos adicionales, al efectuar la compra marca la opción REGALO y completa el formulario con vuestros datos.

Sailing club

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